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[The scene was enough to make the stomach of even the most hardened of police officers roil. A warehouse in downtown Gotham, a meeting place for many a drug dealer, dirty, dilapidated, and tonight the scene of a massacre. Bodies lay strewn indiscriminately around the building, most armed, none of whom had enough time to get a shot off before they had been killed in a variety of equally brutal ways.

The perpetrator stood in the middle of the warehouse, back to the door, examining some of the product that the dealers had been intending to sell. Why people were prepared to pay such huge sums for a chemical which would leave them dribbling on the sidewalk was beyond Gemini de Mille, perhaps it was because her rubber body couldn't absorb the toxins, perhaps it was a failure of imagination, she wasn't sure.

But in fact she wasn't here for the dealers at all, all this death was merely a setup, the latest in a string of incidents that Gemini hoped would draw the attention of the man she was looking for. If a few corrupt people had to die to get that attention it wouldn't bother what passed for her conscience even the slightest. Tapping some of the powder onto her gloved hand, she sniffed at it curiously for a moment before flicking it away, the priceless powder of little interest to her.

If the mysterious vigilante known as Red Hood didn't show up soon she would have to start getting creative.]
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Can Gemini impersonate your character at some point? To get a physical likeness she just has to see you, perhaps even via video. But her shapeshifting works on knowledge; for example if you have a scar beneath your clothes and she hasn't seen it she won't know it's there. Likewise she needs to hear at least ten syllables to be able to mimic a person's voice.

So if you're up (or not) for her impersonating your character, please comment below :)

Impersonate: Y/N
Can she illicitly observe your character to learn their mannerisms and secrets: Y/N
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Please let me know (Anonymously if you want) how I'm doing! Constructive criticism always makes for better writing.
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Nearly all of the crew of the Blue Fish were asleep in their beds, oblivious to the fact that one of the ship's showers was running. Gemini didn't care if she used up all the day's hot water allowance, in fact that was her deliberate intention, her little gift to them. Should anyone actually turn up to investigate why the shower was running she would slip away...maybe do a little more serious damage to the ship's plumbing system in the process.

But for now she was just enjoying the hot water, her mind going over all the thing's she'd observed over the past few days. Walking over to the mirror, she wiped a layer of condensation away, her flesh flowing and changing like liquid as she did so until a moment later another face looked back at her from the mirror. Jeyne Westerling turned one way or the other, looking over every inch of her reflection critically, checking for any flaws, testing a number of expressions on her face, and taking a few steps to make sure she had the woman's gait down pat. After another moment her features shifted again, and a decidedly male face stared back at her, the attractiveness of which drew a moment's smile as she repeated the procedure, going over all that she'd observed.

Jeyne Westerling had annoyed her, not seriously, but enough to ensure Gemini's continuing attention, a malicious desire to interfere with the girl's life forming out of pure spite and boredom, and with her powers there was no telling the damage she could do. But there was always more to mimicking someone convincingly than just adopting their form and voice, if a target's closest friends and family were to be fooled study was essential, mannerisms, movements, speech patterns, friends, everything had to be known. One tiny slip up could be enough to ruin everything, and Gemini had every intention of making her fun last as long as possible.

"No sweetling allow me to pay for such things." Robb Stark's voice flowed smoothly from her mouth, parroting a line she had heard him use when she had followed the two in the Corona shopping district. Satisfied at her replication she returned to the shower, before turning for a moment an alien smirk on his handsome features and blowing himself a kiss. Tomorrow would be the day she'd put her skills to the test.
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How did you get this number?
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Character name: Gemini de Mille
Character journal: stretchy-girl
Series name: DC Comics
Canon notes: Post Infinite Crisis

Species: Metahuman (Amorphous body)

The daughter of the infamous Madame Rouge, Gemini was deliberately kept at arm’s length in American boarding schools as she grew up, so as to avoid her mother’s frequent brushes with insanity, but also to give her daughter a better life away from the Brotherhood of Evil. Gemini therefore grew up mostly in ignorance about her mother’s criminal activities, an ignorance that was shattered by her mother murder at the hands of Beast Boy.

Although Gemini hadn’t seen much of her mother, Laura de Mille had always lavished affection whenever she’d visited and the two had always kept in contact. Gemini therefore felt devastated, a feeling that was compounded when the Brain had Madame Rouge’s body delivered to Gemini along with the explanation of who had killed her.

The trauma and raw fury that Gemini felt were enough to cause something to snap inside her, and the powers she had inherited from her mother activated in a much more potent form. Reduced to a shapeless puddle of rubbery protoplasm, Gemini’s whole life collapsed and she suffered a psychotic break that she still hasn’t really recovered from. After several weeks spent trapped as a puddle, unable to process what had happened to her, she was visited by the Brain and Monsieur Mallah and was ‘rescued’ and brought under their tutelage.

Gemini spent the next few years training with the Brotherhood of Evil and mastering her powers, becoming one of the most deadly weapons in the Brotherhood’s arsenal. However her desire to take revenge on Garfield Logan lead her into attempt to frame him while he was attempting to revive his acting career in Los Angeles, an attempt that failed with the intervention of Nightwing and Flamebird. Following her failure Gemini returned to the Brotherhood, fighting Batgirl in an attempt to smuggle weapons into Bludhaven and later assisting when the Brotherhood dropped Chemo onto the city, destroying it. Since the events of Infinite Crisis, Gemini has been hiding under an alias while accepting occasional contract work.


Have you ever been given the news that your mother, the only family member you have, has been murdered by one of the so-called good guys? While you were crying your eyes out has your body melted into a mass of goo leaving you deaf, blind and screaming in terror without a mouth to vocalise it?

All of these things have happened to Gemini.

That trauma changed her from being a normal girl living a happy life with friends and a bright future, to a slightly unhinged sociopath, hell bent on gaining revenge for her mother’s murder. Driven by anger and bitterness and so often sadistic and vicious, Gemini is at heart a lonely young woman, desperately trying to live up to the barbed legacy of her mother Madame Rouge. That desire for revenge has led her down a very dark path, becoming a heartless killer who enjoys taking the lives of others if it will help to ease her inner pain and anguish.

Her bitterness is ironically fuelled by the very thing that makes her so proud, her powers. While she views her talents as making her a force to be reckoned with, they have also stripped her of her humanity. She can never take pleasure from the attentions of a handsome man no matter how much her mind wants to because her body will never respond and she knows full well that she is incapable of ever having children. It’s a constant source of despair and frustration and makes it hard for her to form a stable relationship.

It took Gemini years to train herself to take a fully human form and by the time she had her teenage years were nearly behind her. Her adult appearance therefore is manufactured from a mixture of old photos and guesswork and is a look she’s very proud of. She quite likes enticing good looking men, although she seldom takes things far considering her physiology, preferring to string them along for her own amusement.

Mostly when meeting others, particularly people without powers she maintains an air of aloof superiority. She’s often quite solitary, but if she happens upon someone she’ll entertain herself for a bit trying to manipulate them or pry secrets from them. She might possibly pass herself off as someone else so that she can briefly enjoy healthy emotions and gain a kick out of fooling another. Sympathy and empathy are not strong points, but she is loyal to her friends and is very much out for her own survival. If she thinks someone could be useful to that end or a threat to her, then she might try to charm or ingratiate herself, although she often falls back on intimidation…because really she quite enjoys it.

Overall Gemini’s a dark character, prepared to kill casually and inflict pain to get what she wants. But what does she want other than to survive and gain revenge? Living in luxury and getting to do whatever she wants are definitely important, but without a Beast Boy to kill and a legacy to live up to is she just a lost soul with a chance of mending her evil ways? Only time will tell.


Gemini’s body is made up of a rubber-like protoplasm which lets her change shape into any human animal or object that she desires. While she may look and sound exactly like someone, she does not actually become them as her shapeshifting is purely cosmetic. She may liquefy herself if she wishes, but by far her favourite forms are monstrous creatures taken from her imagination or movies she’s seen. It is possible for Gemini to split herself into multiple forms, but this is something she doesn’t often do, being very taxing on her concentration.

The other main application of her powers is stretching. She can extend her limbs or any part of her body to great lengths, often using her elasticity to coil around opponents to subdue them or redirect their own attacks against them. She often attacks from metres away, stretching powerful punches at speeds faster than a bullet.

An amorphous being, Gemini is very resistant to injury. Bullets simply bounce off her rubbery body, whilst only the very sharpest blades can pierce her and if they do it won’t hurt her; she can be sliced into a thousand pieces and still pull herself back together with ease. Her principal senses can be enhanced by her to a degree, and she is able to see or hear with whatever part of her body she wishes. Electrical attacks are useless considering that she is made of rubber which is an excellent insulator. Her body doesn’t need food or water or even rest, and because she lacks a brain her mind is hard to access via telepathy.

Skills-wise Gemini is skilled in hand to hand combat, often using her elasticity to get past an opponent’s guard. She’s several times stronger than a regular human and almost infinitely flexible, and will use her stretching powers and resilience to overwhelm or simply outlast others in combat.

She is a trained spy, assassin and saboteur, but has only been active for a few years and can make mistakes. Gemini is a gifted actress and mimic and is always working on honing her observation skills so she can better impersonate others.

Weaknesses: Gemini’s powerset comes with a clear Achilles heel. When rubber is heated it melts, and when it’s cooled it becomes brittle. So blast her with intense heat and she’ll melt into a helpless puddle, expose her to extreme cold and she’ll seize up. The attack must be kept up or she will quickly recover. Hit her with a flamethrower or corrosive chemicals on the other hand and she’ll scream what passes for her lungs out.

Those with enhanced senses can often detect Gemini, as although she can fake a heartbeat and raise her body temperature, she cannot hide her scent, the subtle odour of rubber.
In terms of character weakness Gemini’s powerful abilities have made her arrogant and over-confident and she can sometimes go into a situation without properly assessing the risks.

The Augment inhibits her from attempting to kill anyone belonging to the fleet for the safety of the crews. Her ability to split herself will be inhibited whenever there’s a mingle, just in case she tries to slip pieces of herself onto other ships. Finally the Augment has restricted her ability to increase her mass, capping it out at about the mass of an elephant.

Augment Skillset: Security
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Hugging: Gemini's not into hugs. Hug her and she might just jab you with something sharp.
Kissing: If you kiss her without invitation you're taking your life into your hands.
Flirting: Sure, she might not reciprocate, but if you're tall dark and handsome she might.
Fighting: Yessss!
Injuring: By all means go ahead and try. You're very welcome to slice her into pieces, shoot her or punch/kick her as hard as you can. She'll be retaliating though :P Setting her on fire will hurt her badly and she bears a grudge so best talk it through first.
Killing: Not really. To kill Gemini you'd have to destroy every last one of her cells, and she hides some of them away buried in test tubes to stop that from happening.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities: Definitely! Gem has a few human-like surface thoughts, but as her mind isn't based on a brain anyone intruding runs the risk of developing an agonising headache from mental feedback. She can be put to sleep and mind-controlled, but it's not likely to last longer than a few seconds before her mind wipes the suggestion.
Romance: Maybe. It depends on if you’re her type and as she’s not exactly the romantic type herself. Must discuss.
Smut: Again maybe, Gem might seem interested in sex but it's more because she likes toying with people. Actual physical intercourse isn't that fun for her because her body lacks pleasure receptors, so she's not going to suffer a guy banging away at her unless she actually has feelings for you. Must discuss.
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Unit 4 of the Eisenhower Industrial Park was just a boring non-descript office building, which happened to house a secret base of the R-Complex organisation.

Curiously the front door had been left wide open and the desk where the security guard sat was un-occupied, possibly because the guard lay behind it in a pool of his own blood. Past the foyer a number of other doors were open, creating a clear path to the heart of the building. Along the route were a string of dead bodies and spent bullet casings, sub-machine guns lying by many of the corpses, some of which had their throats ripped out whilst others bore vicious claw marks. Almost as if they'd been attacked by a werewolf...

Sitting at a desk in the supervisor's office was Gemini, her costume and appearance completely pristine amid the blood and viscera spattered around the room from where the R-Complex staff had made their last stand. Legs crossed primly in the boss's plush leather swivel chair, she sat patiently, waiting for the spike she'd inserted into the base's mainframe to finish downloading and for her guest to turn up. She did hope Fang found her in time.
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The night was dark outside the Lonesome Traveller motel, the moon covered by an overcast stormy side. Sitting on a telegraph pole outside was a crow, impatiently counting down the time since it had seen the light go off in a particular room. Counting down an hour really was dull, but fifty fifty nine...there. He should be asleep by now. The bird took wing, flying down to land on the windowsill, watching and listening for any signs of movement.

The window was open a crack, and that was more than enough to allow her to slip in, avian form melting into a shapeless mass that pooled on the floor inside the room, before rising up into a female form. Gemini did say she'd see him again. Fang had drawn her attention the last time they'd met, and she thought they'd come to an understanding, although maybe that was just in her mind. Either way, he'd been entertaining to play with before, and she needed to wake him up somehow, and a bullhorn seemed insufficiently cruel, perhaps the woman in the band he obviously had a thing for, Nina? Would be better?

Her form shifting slightly, Gemini slipped onto the bed, her hair still dark although shorter now, clad only in a bra and panties as she straddled the sleeping man and pressed her lips to his.


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Pretzel body twist.
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